2D & 3D Banner Structure

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2D & 3D Banner Structure

Banners are classic yet powerful flat banners. 

These vibrant creations, crafted from fabric or vinyl, unleash their brilliance on a single plane. When well installed, frontlit banners are professional looking on the building wall or your shopfront. Its picture vivid graphics and compelling messages demand attention, transforming any space into an advertising marvel. With ropes, grommets, and ingenious attachment methods, these banners showcase your brand with flair. 

2D Billboards

ONESTOP provide a full suite of service from identifying the most suitable location, to fabrication, the professional engineering needs and securing the relevant BCA and URA advertising licenses and the design of the advertising message.

2D Out of the box creative billboard | Guotai

3D Billboards / Structure

But wait, there’s more! Brace yourself for the extraordinary viral impact of creative outdoor advertising.

  • 3D advertising structure or creations for eye-popping impact such as a giant 3D football by Nike “smashing into” a lamp-post or creating a viral photo opportunity of the limited-edition Adidas World Cup ball
  • The wonder of pop-up displays: where 2D or 3D protrusions can make a banner be larger than life – light creative touches help your audience look twice!
  • Integration with Digital Technologies with Creative outdoor advertising can seamlessly integrate with digital technologies to enhance engagement and interactivity. By incorporating QR codes, augmented reality (AR), or near-field communication (NFC) capabilities, brands can connect the offline and online worlds, allowing consumers to access additional information, offers, or interactive experiences via their mobile devices.

Elevate your brand presence today and become the talk of the town! Talk to us about letting your creativity shine, engage your audience like never before, and unlock a world of endless marketing possibilities.

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