4 Ways retailers Can utilise digital signages to their benefit

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4 Ways retailers Can utilise digital signages to their benefit

May 1, 2023

by Editorial Team

There is no doubt that retail is a winner when it comes to improving the customer experience and adapting to a changing business environment. To make the experience more fulfilling for customers, retailers need to keep up with the latest trends and invest in the latest technology.

OneStopSignage provides retailers with innovative signage solutions and offers brand management services to help their customers modernize their existing facilities.

Digital signage is arguably one of the best tools retailers can use to gain appeal to modern consumers. As part of their brand management services, they help many customers improve the user experience and maximize their returns with the right content and marketing strategies. It is important to use the right content, otherwise you will not see any actual results. Customers ask leading providers for content suggestions for their screens, so make the most of your digital signage installation.

Here are some of the suggestions we have made for various retailers that will be effective for their digital signage installation.

Whether it’s rain or sunshine, studies have shown that weather can make a huge difference in sales generation, and smart retailers are using this knowledge to their advantage. Live weather updates, together with the right marketing content, can help retailers increase their sales in real time. Weather is one of the most important factors in a retailer’s sales performance, not only in terms of sales growth, but also in terms of the overall customer experience.

For example, we have installed digital signage screens in clothing stores that show weather forecasts and things like “it’s freezing tonight, you better get a jacket” or “showers are expected”. Similarly, other retailers, such as grocery stores, can use weather fodder to subtly promote their products and services. If the weather forecast shows rain for a few days, say, “Get an umbrella, it will be freezing tonight”; or if it rains for a few more weeks, “Put your jacket on.

Current Events Feeds and Live Sports News for Audience Engagement

We all want to keep an eye on recent political events and keep ourselves informed. We often watch sports and are interested in the news of the day, whether it is sports, politics or entertainment.

Adding news channels to your signage will help keep your target audience engaged and informed. People will be engrossed tp the screen, which gives you the opportunity to market your products. I recommend retailers install apps on digital signage to cover important new websites.


Live Travel Information

Tourism brands and the hotel industry can use the travel updates and information to their advantage. Cafés, hotels, airports and bus stations can use travel information to increase user engagement and take advantage of digital signage.

Way finding Signs

Millennials and Gen Z customers want stress-free shopping, and there are those who are inspired by the philosophy of Do-It-Yourself.

Signposts are now a must for grocery stores, supermarkets and retailers. They help customers navigate their way through their business and help them find the item they’re looking for. It provides a safe shopping experience and helps them navigate their way through their stores.

Retail Signs with OnestopSignage

At Onestop, we help retailers get the best and latest signage solutions. Our team of experts continuously observes the market and provides solutions that guarantee an increase in foot traffic and a boost in sales.


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