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What is Content Management System?

An easy-to-use content management system (CMS) that is capable of providing real-time dynamic information is a necessary part of any digital signage solution. Displaying your message can be optimized with the help of a reliable CMS, allowing for quick and simple content deployment.

With a CMS, one is able to remotely control and publish content displayed on multiple digital screens in real-time. The CMS allows users to upload and schedule content from his/her device, which then connects and publishes the content to its network of players and screens.

CMS solutions come in various formats with different features. Some allow for customization of display dimensions, flexible scheduling on content based on day/time, or even integrations with other systems like temperature/weather/crowd tracking sensors to trigger the display of specific content.

OneStop Signage also provides CMS solutions with our digital display screens. Our CMS is designed to provide you with a varied and powerful experience in managing your display solutions, allowing you to tailor a message delivery system that meets your specific requirements.

Can Be Updated Anytime, Anywhere

Why Us?

At OneStop Signage, we provide a cutting-edge CMS solution for efficient content creation, publication, and management. Our CMS solution streamlines processes and allows businesses to effortlessly create and publish engaging content, manage their online presence, and optimize their digital marketing efforts.

Our Key Features

User Friendly
Our CMS user interface is designed for the everyday user, to easily manage and publish content without extensive technical expertise.

Trusted Platform
From retail to office space, our clients have been using our CMS solutions to manage displays over thousands of display screens around the world.

Excellent Service Support
Customer support is available for clients facing technical issues to address their problems promptly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity for businesses. 

Content Management Capabilities


Flexible Use of Content – CMS supports the display of a wide variety of image and video formats

Scheduling – Select specific days/dates/times to play different content and schedule updated content in advance

Screen Partitioning – Split the screen into multiple sections and assign content to each section

Comprehensive Reporting – Live updates of all screen content and status

Advance Management Capabilities


Interactivity – Integration with touch screens allows user interaction with displayed content on the screen

Demographic Targeting – Display targeted content to different audience groups using tracking devices that determine audience details such as age, gender, vehicle model, etc.

Live Streaming –Integration of Live Broadcast content onto multiple screens via one system

Social Media Integration – Display up-to-date social media content on digital screens

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Content Management System

What is Content Management System? An easy-to-use content management system (CMS) that is capable of providing real-time dynamic information is

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