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Creative Lightbox

The versatility of Creative Lightbox knows no bounds. Not only do they excel in outdoor applications for building signages, but they also find their place indoors as a captivating retail solution. 

Creative Lightbox serves as the perfect choice as backlit for building signages, adding a touch of elegance and visibility to your brand message. With their sleek design and high-quality lighting, they create a captivating display that stands out day and night, leaving a lasting impression on passersby.

Indoor lightbox at Sim Lim Square Singapore | Hancom Group

Animated Lightbox

There is also the magic of Animated Lightbox that utilizes programmed LED lights to bring your designs to life with stunning animations. Imagine your signboard or structure illuminated with a dynamic play of lights, captivating attention and igniting curiosity. 

ONESTOP are able to provide both indoor and outdoor lightbox from the seamless fabric lightbox for the retail solutions. 

Creative animated lightbox mock up at Queensway Shopping Centre | BMW

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