Dancing our Way to Good Times with Heineken’s Good Times Star

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Dancing our Way to Good Times with Heineken’s Good Times Star

October 25, 2023

by Editorial Team

Orchard Road stands as an iconic emblem of luxury and style, renowned as one of Asia’s top premier shopping destinations. But with the rapid growth of e-commerce during the COVID-19 period, the question stands: Is post-pandemic Orchard Road dead?

ONESTOP Signage, together with The Perfect Media and Dentsu X, took Heineken’s 150-year celebration to the streets, bringing good times to Orchard Road and leaving shoppers in high spirits.

The Good Times Star booth was strategically set up outside Mandarin Gallery, right at the junction where heavy human traffic travels to and from Somerset MRT and Somerset 313. The area was packed with a captive audience waiting for the traffic lights. We knew that Orchard Road was not dead; it just needed us to bring the party.

With the help of the ONESTOP production team and our partners, an 11-meter-long booth was set up at the heart of Orchard Road, which would serve both as a space for activation as well as outdoor branding. At the back of the booth (facing The Heeren), we installed a large format front-lit banner that captures the attention of both road traffic and human traffic across the road, day and night.

Within the booth (facing Mandarin Gallery), a large LED panel almost 2m tall and 4m wide featured the Heineken Good Times video day and night. The brightly lit banner, LED panel, and groovy music made the booth just as impactful as a billboard set in the busiest junction of Orchard Road.

Dressed in bright LED displays, this booth sure did not go unnoticed. With the help of the Perfect Media (TPM) team, we also secured this perfect location for our booth through the Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA). Together, we brought the party to the streets with bright lights, fancy dance moves, and great drinks.

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the Good Times Star Experience

The Good Times Star booth featured three key elements: OOH branding, interactive media, and giveaways.

Working with The Perfect Media (TPM) was the perfect solution to maximize OOH branding through this activation campaign. While Dentsu handled the media assets and ideation, TPM had the OOH and technical expertise to coordinate with ONESTOP and execute the production and all on-ground fulfillment of the Good Times Star activation.

TPM introduced interactive media that allows our Orchard Road shoppers to dance their hearts out for a refreshing cold drink.We used the gesture recognition system to track participants’ movements and assign score points depending on their dance moves. Projected on a high-pitched LED screen, both participants and passersby in the area can enjoy the Good Times Star dance game. Many might think that Singaporeans are too shy to dance in public, but who can refuse a free cold drink in this hot country?

The dance game was also crucial in bringing our campaign from outdoor to digital, as participants and passersby shared their good times at the booth on social media. Game data gathered from participants also showed the sentiments different age groups had towards the different Heineken products.

Incorporating interactive media into Heineken’s activation campaign not only amplified Heineken’s offline and online presence, but it was also helpful in gathering data for Heineken’s next steps in their marketing direction.

Giveaways are one of the key factors that determine a successful activation campaign in Singapore, Singaporeans just love freebies. Ice cold Heinekens in the hot humid Singapore are perfect for drawing crowds, especially outdoors. Heineken offers a drink for everyone, even for non-alcohol lovers.

The Good Times Star activation campaign was a resounding success, and we couldn’t have done it without the incredible support and collaboration of our partners at The Perfect Media and Dentsu X. This event showcased the beauty of bringing people together through the universal language of dance and exemplified what can be achieved when businesses, organizations, and the community join forces.

This campaign truly showed how interactive media and giveaways can engage our audience in a fun and effective way. Looking back, it’s a great example of what can happen when good teamwork combines with vision, creativity, and expertise. We’re excited about the future and committed to creating more exciting campaigns with other agencies. Don’t forget to consider giving The Perfect Media (TPM) a brief; they could be a valuable part of our success story.

Thank you to everyone who participated, danced, and shared in the joy of the moment. We look forward to more exciting events in the future as we continue to create lasting memories and strengthen our community bonds.

Until next time, keep dancing and spreading the good times!


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