Digital signage is useful for all businesses

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Digital signage is useful for all businesses

May 1, 2023

by Editorial Team

Digital Signage is for every business out there, from micro-businesses to the multi-national corporations. Retail stores, mom-and-pop stores, corporations, shopping malls; these are a few samples out of the massive range of businesses that stand to gain from investing in digital signages.

If you’re still a little clueless about how digital signage can help you, take a look at this list to see what kind of digital signage can help increase your returns.

LCD Screen

LCD Screens are the most basic and cost-efficient way to include digital signage into your business. From a single LCD screen in a brick-and-mortar store to an LCD video wall in retail chains, every business can benefit from digital LCD screens. This even stretches to corporate offices and lobbies, where installing an LCD screen can be beneficial to both visitors and staff. A few of the many benefits that LCD screens can provide include, brand new promotions, latest updates and serve as infotainment.

Digital LCD screens can be a solution for:

  • Small stores
  • Retail shops
  • Corporate lobbies
  • Waiting lounges
  • Office Spaces
  • Almost any and every business space

Digital Wayfinder Kiosk

Digital wayfinding kiosks are helpful for visitors in guiding them to areas where they might need to go. Like in a retail shopping mall or a big corporate office, a digital wayfinder kiosk will help people navigate around the vicinity, as well as leverage on technological advancements.

The interactive digital wayfinding kiosk can be a solution for:

  • Hospitals
  • Shopping malls
  • Hotels
  • Schools

Positive Features Of Lightbox Signs

Neon signs are great because they can be perceived without effort, but let’s delve deeper into some of the features. Advertising is supposed to be about perception, and it makes no sense to get involved in it. The human eye is drawn to the light, so there is a good chance that it will miss the sign or even the advertisement.

This eliminates one of the main reasons that cost companies a significant number of customers. The light boxes are easy to identify, making the equipment easier to find and the costs are eliminated.

Spying on light boxes has an enviable advantage over other types of advertising because they provide the most exposure. This may be because the location is either in a relatively unobtrusive area or the building has similar features and can easily be confused with others.

Safety Signage

Safety signs are vital in any work environment, especially in areas like construction sites where safety has to be of utmost priority. They help to educate, inform and prevent injury to any of the staff or visitors to the area. Digital safety signages provide more benefits, like being able to show multiple safety messages on one screen and maximizing efficiency, as the screen can be updated virtually.

Some available types of digital safety signs that are available are digital safety scoreboards, fully LED safety signs and solar powered safety signs. Solar powered signs is an effective method in increasing your company’s ability to meet the environmental and safety guidelines and criteria (ESG).

Digital safety signs can be a solution for:

  • Construction sites
  • Oil tanking sites
  • Moving workplace environment

Window/Street Display

Digital signage in your very own shopfront is an increasingly popular method of digital advertising – a unique way to stand out amongst your competitors and drive sales. Replacing traditional signs and product stands with an LED digital screen will attract more attention towards your storefront.

Window storefront display can be a solution for:

  • Retail shops
  • Retail pop-ups
  • Showrooms

Digital Menuboard

A digital menuboard is a simple solution that is best for boosting customer engagement. Guests can view products, price and nutritional information with ease. Digital menu-boards are a long-term cost-efficient way to keep content fresh as the screens can be virtually updated with latest promotions and updates. 

There are two different available versions of menuboards: stand-alone digital menu board versus a network of digital menu board.

Stand-alone Digital Menu BoardStand-alone digital boards are managed individually, which is more suitable for a single location or a micro chain.
Networked Digital Menu BoardsA network of digital menu boards are managed together across all locations, which is more suitable for large retail chains.

Digital Menu Boards can be a solution for:

  • Fast-food chains
  • Grocery stores
  • Movie theatres
  • Drive thrus

Digital Signage: It’s for everyone

Digital signage is a cost-effective, simple and fuss-free method to look technologically advanced as well as digitalize your business. At Onestopsignage, your visual needs matter. Customizable digital signs are available at request, and our team at onestopsignage are open to consulting you on the right design that is suitable for your business. Send us an email now to enquire further.


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