How a safety signboard is an investment for your company

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How a safety signboard is an investment for your company

April 30, 2023

by Editorial Team

While many of us may not realize it, signs play a big role in keeping us safe on a day-to-day basis. From the signs reminding us to give way to the safety information sign about construction going on ahead, there is always the need to look out for signs.

That being said, the same concept applies to construction sites. Safety signage in construction areas play a critical part in promoting group awareness about safety and preventing injuries. In many countries all over the world including Singapore, it is mandatory to keep track of work-related accidents.

Work health safety is now very important and construction sites keep track of this through safety signboards. Injuries at these sites happen because not enough attention and emphasis is being brought to workplace safety. Additionally, the information on safety displays provides a positive message to your customers and suppliers. They will see that your company treats safety with utmost importance.


Safety information signs like scoreboards with counters help promote safety in construction facilities. Having a few in work sites provides tracking across different areas and has many functions and advantages.

Safety scoreboards are used to track the number of days since the last workplace accident. Whether it’s a small or big safety sign, scoreboards are a definite must have.

Indicators that can be included:

  • Number of days since last accident.
  • Number of lost working days due to accidents.
  • Record number of days without an accident.
  • Number of speeding offenses on the site this month.
  • Showing time & temperature on the same display will make viewers. subconsciously look at the safety messages more frequently.

Traditional Banner Safety Scoreboard

Most scoreboards are usually traditional banner scoreboards, where the dial counter is switched daily, or numbers are manually changed. One advantage of traditional banner scoreboards is that they are a quick and cheap purchase in the short run. However, they require some manpower to run and cannot be customized or changed easily.

LED Safety Scoreboard

Now safety signboards can be LED, which can be controlled in various ways, even by remote control. LED safety signs might be more costly initially, but is an investment in the long run as there is large potential to increase safety awareness in the workplace and keep workplaces accident-free. LED safety signages can also be weather-proof and be able to display 24 hours multiple safety messages.

There is another option of purchasing a fully coloured LED safety signage which will be easier to customise and change.

The Perfect Media has also contributed to providing services of LED safety signboards in an undisclosed area in Singapore, where the customised safety board had a digital counter on the scoreboard. Having scoreboards is one way to draw attention and track your safety especially in construction sites, oil tanking factory locations, manufacturing locations, marine shipyards or oil refinery areas that will always need these constant safety messages.

Led Screenboard

The Perfect Media is able to provide you with a custom built LED safety sign that can withstand time and is highly visible including your company logo, with extended warranty and training provided. Minimal maintenance are needed for these fuss-free custom information signages.

We are also capable of including a renewable energy based solar panel into your LED safety signages, as the need for compliance with Environment, Safety & Guidance (ESG) criteria grows. This option is good for any company looking to improve their social criteria and improve their ESG business


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