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BCA Consultation

We are the expert solutions for building and construction challenges to deliver impactful outdoor advertising solutions. At ONESTOP, we are able to assist you in licensing requirements such as BCA / URA advertising licenses, PE endorsements, drawings, etc. Our team is trained for the installation and maintenance of building signage, with the required equipment and machinery available. 

How To Get Your Building Signage?

First get approval from the authorities, To determine the location of outdoor signage for your building, you must get approval from the following authorities:

Your proposed building signage must comply with the BCA or URA regulations :

1. Any advertisement, electronic billboard, or signboard fixed in a verandah-way or over a footpath shall not be less than 2.5 metres above the level of the verendah-way or footpath.

2. Where a roadside drain is covered, no advertisement, electronic billboard or signboard projecting over any street shall be erected less than 2.5 metres above the cover of the drain, measured vertically from the top of the cover to the underside of the advertisement, electronic billboard or signboard.

3. No advertisement, electronic billboard, signboard or skysign shall project over any street by more than 60 centimetres beyond the building line with a minimum height of 3.75 metres but less than 5 metres measured vertically from the roadway.

4. No advertisement, electronic billboard, signboard or skysign which is displayed more than 5 metres above any street shall project over the street beyond the building line by more than 1.5 metres except on balconies or canopies.

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